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Short Sale Negotiators is a licensed real estate brokerage firm that is highly specialized in handling the diverse and uniquely complex challenges that come with short sale properties.

We compose a special strategy for your case that includes hand selecting qualified buyers, carefully handling title work and insurance, finance projections and maintaining goals; A plan that is meant to protect and repair your credit and clear or minimize your debt. We ensure the compliance of state and federal laws while guaranteeing the best financial outcome for home owners.

We make certain that you receive what you deserve.

We are expert of Short Sale, Loan Modification, Bank Foreclosure negotiation service in NYC
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If you are:
Facing foreclosure
Unable to find a buyer
Indebted to more than the worth of your house

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If you are experienced in the field of short sales, please do not hesitate to contact our office. We are always looking to expand our team of experts. Please contact us for more information.